Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2nd Time Round...

So after the success of the first show the whole team was in high spirits! And with a much needed confidence boost gained from the first round, the second was surely going to be a cinch!

With all the stings, jingles, adverts and posters already prepared and on standby, there was little to be done on the technical side of the show. The preparation lay in organising the guests for that week’s show and the topic that would be discussed. This seemed to all be organised early on in the week. The topic of gardening had been settled on and Thenjiwe had been briefed on the questions that were to be asked. Once again the show kicked off at 11am on Friday, with the radio studio filled with a few nerves and a lot of excitement. And once again the show was a success. 
All in all, the show now runs quite smoothly, There are, however, still a few features  that need to be tweaked, such as the  stings and jingles which often don’t play on time owing to computer delays. One aspect of the show that can be improved is that of sticking to the specific topic of that week, as sometimes the facilitators can get carried away and deviate from the main point of discussion. I think this happens because their wealth of knowledge is so vast that often one question can lead into another topic. But this can definitely be improved on as the weeks go by. I believe that the facilitators will become more aware of the opportunity and space they have to set aside one specific topic for each show, rather than trying to cram all of their knowledge into one show.
I  want to take the time to point out just how much of an asset Thenjiwe has become to the Masakana show. Despite her absence earlier in process of establishing this project,  she has really been able to pull the show together, drawing on  her years of anchoring experience at Radio G and her knowledge of the audience  which the show is aimed at. This has been a great help to the whole team, especially her confidence, which has helped ease  the nerves in the studio.
When the show ended on Friday my day was still not over, as far as  Umthathi was concerned. I ventured off with my recorder and camera in hand, ready to help them celebrate the donation of a brand new water tank sponsored by Galela Amanzi, a Rhodes student organisation. My thinking, here, was to add to the  photos and recordings that I have been gathering  throughout the past few months. I plan to use this material to make a sound slide for Umthathi as a farewell gift, something that they can keep and use whenever they need. This is because the Umthathi project has truly inspired me, as I have witnessed firsthand the amazing work they do for their community. They are truly passionate about what they do, they inspire others and really do empower people to live a better way of life. I feel privileged to have been part of such a project.
So make sure you tune in next week at the same time, same place... and learn something new! J

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