Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I’m so happy to say that our first show was such a success! Nerves were flying all over the place on Friday morning, but as soon as the show kicked off, the nerves took a back seat and everyone had such a great time.
Waiting for the show to begin!
But let me rather take you back to the day before, to when all the planning really took place. Litha and I, along with Tenjiwe, Xoliswa and about five of the Umthathi facilitators met that  afternoon to finalise the show topic and discussions. I must admit, I wasn’t quite sure how all of this was going to go, especially since Mary (the other Radio G member) was nowhere to be seen or heard from.  The team has now decided, in fact, to drop her completely from the Masakhane radio show team. But firstly, my concerns lay mainly with the show itself. I was worried that Tenjiwe might not have enough questions to ask, there might be dead air or that the studio might just get so overcrowded and people would be talking from anywhere and everywhere. Chaos would be the last thing we needed! 
In studio during the live show
However, I was able to  put my worries aside.  And after that meeting on Thursday afternoon, I couldn’t help but put a smile on my face. At the meeting the whole room came alive with chatting and talking about the show the next day. Ideas flowed and spirits were raised. It was really quite exciting! All the workshops, meetings and training had payed off. Everything was falling together like clockwork. I literally just stood there amazed at how the people in front of me were putting together their own show, without much guidance from Litha and myself. It was truly quite inspiring, especially Tenjiwe who had her pen and paper ready and writing down everything she needed to know in order to anchor the show the next day. And before I knew it the meeting was done! With emotions changed from nerves to ones of excitement!
Thenjiwe anchoring while speaking to Xoliswa infront of her.
That day I was really amazed at how close one can get to certain people, who I probably would never have met before. Just by working with them for a few months, they will suddenly just open up to you and simply start speaking like a friend. That afternoon, Tenjiwe and I spoke. She told me all about the toughest times of her life and how they have inspired her to dream the dreams that she has. It was one of those moments when you really stop and realise that everyone has a story to tell, and how those very stories often affect the way they live their lives. We also spoke about how some of her ideas could become a reality through the Masakhane  show, and even beyond. I truly felt humbled and inspired that day!

In studio during the live show
So when 10:50am arrived on Friday morning the nerves had started to creep in once again but the excitement was still fully alive. We somehow managed to fit Xoliswa, Tenjiwe and five other facilitators into the little Radio Grahamstown studio, with only three mics to go around, but we made do, and at 11:00 the show kicked off. Tenjiwe was great, coordinating the show as if it had been going on for years. She asked relevant questions and all the Umthathi members had a chance to express themselves. It really was such a great introduction to the show, and left the listeners with a better understanding of the Umthathi project and all that they do. I am so proud of all the show team members!
So make sure you tune in next week Friday at 11:00am on Radio Grahamstown 102.1FM. We will be talking about the most effective ways to garden J

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

And the nerves set in!

The Masakhane Radio show poster
I must admit, with the recent Easter weekend and all the public holidays that have taken place lately, there has been very little activity taking place regarding the Masakana show. Especially as both Umthathi and the Radio Grahamstown team members have been on holiday over the past ten days.
However, the past break has probably been a blessing in disguise, it has given us a chance to breathe deeply and think about the week ahead. My feelings as of now are those of slight nerves and anxiety. The time that is left leading up to our first show seems to be melting through my fingers, and there is still so much to be done!
The week ahead will be, to say the least, jammed packed with organising and putting the show together. I almost can’t believe that we have reached that stage already, especially after the past few months of tedious yet intriguing planning. However it really is starting to get quite exciting! Our advertising is in full swing with the posters and pamphlets being printed as I type. Our mock broadcast takes place on Thursday and then it’s all systems go with our very first show taking place at 11am on Friday. So make sure you tune into Radio G 102.1fm!
Make sure to check out my next blog entry to hear how the show has gone :)

Here's a sneak preview of the show: The advert which has been playing throughout the week leading up to the show...